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Dear Friend, I am so excited to share with you a beautiful space to BLOOM! If you're anything like me, for many years I didn't like who I was; she was unfulfilled, overworked, living in denial, and full of flaws and insecurities.


The infamous Proverbs 31 woman made me feel utterly inadequate; in my mind, she was Barbie, Superwoman, Martha Stewart, and Mother Teresa all in one.  How could any normal woman compare? Maybe you have had these thoughts too?


Having successfully avoided martyrdom most of my life, I felt like attempting to become the “perfect woman” was something I could comfortably sidestep and be fine with. God, however, had something to say to me about my mini-rebellion, and introduced me to the real Proverbs 31 woman!


SHE IS a woman of strength and mighty valor (v.10) – a warrior! SHE IS a lover of life and lives every moment to the fullest. Her marriage rocks, her friends and family love her, and she has enormous influence in the world.


SHE IS wise, strong, and fearless, embodying the feminine ideal of power, purpose, and passion.

SHE IS the ultimate “it” girl – not because of how she looks or what she wears (though she’s got great threads!), but because she pours selflessly into everything and everyone God puts before her to serve.


SHE IS a woman who lacks nothing, fears nothing, and trusts in the Lord. SHE IS a giver, lover, influencer, someone who laughs at the days ahead.

I am so excited to invite you to join us for this empowering weekend engaging with hundreds of other women, as we discover who SHE IS! When women gather, hungry for the presence of God, Jesus never fails to show up  releasing healing, hope, power, and joy to clothe us for the days ahead.

My team and I can't wait to host you for this impactful and life changing weekend. Register today and gather your girl friends.

Come ready to be immersed in worship, teaching, great ministry, and of course lots of fun!




Jennifer Channing

Team Bloom Leader

The Bloom Conference does not want money to be the reason you miss this weekend. Click below if you would like to be considered for our scholarship fund. 

For any questions regarding Bloom 2023, please contact us at



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