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What is “Sozo”?

Sozo is a Greek word used in the New Testament that means, save, heal, preserve, and rescue (Strong’s Concordance, 4982).  The “Sozo Prayer Ministry” chose this word to name its collection of foundational teachings and tools related to emotional well-being through inner healing and demonic deliverance.

What happens in a Sozo session?

In a Sozo session we help you connect with God and come into agreement with who He says you are.  We do this by exposing lies that may be hindering you from agreeing with the finished work of the cross and/or any lies hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Sozo team uses tools that effectively restore connection and intimacy with each of the Godhead individually so that truth can be revealed and embraced.

What is the history of the Sozo ministry?

Watch this short video from Dawna De Silva and Theresa Liebscher, the leaders and founders of the Bethel Sozo ministry in Redding, CA. 

When can I get a Sozo?

Our in-person Sozo appointments take place the third Saturday each month.  If the this doesn't work with your schedule, we can offer you an over-the-phone Sozo at various times and days. 

Can I be trained in Sozo?

Yes!  Our very own Jennifer Channing is the regional facilitator for Bethel Sozo in NJ and is able to provide Bethel Sozo Basic Training.   If you are interested in attending or hosting a Basic Sozo training, click below. 

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